Ready to stop leaving money on the table?
You are invited to join us for a transformative training all about Package Pricing for Your Professional Organizing Business

Are you ready to break out of the burnout bubble of charging hourly for your organizing work?

You want to upgrade your model but you...

have no clue where to start 

feel afraid that raising your rates will make it harder to sell

and the thought of managing a scaling business makes you feel even more overwhelmed 

I’ve been in your shoes, which is why I created a package pricing model that has created five-figure months for my clients.
Contrary to popular belief, the answer isn't necessarily selling $10,000 packages to celebrities, Home Edit style luxury clients, or wealthy people only. 

It is nailing your niche and your offer to them, which is best summed up in a premium package price.... your offer.

From hundreds of projects managed and hundreds of organizers consulted, the consensus has been chiming in to agree: "I'm done with discounted packages!"

Organizers who implement this package pricing model get stellar results, very quickly!

Imagine what your new business could look like with a package pricing model:
1. You immediately achieve expert status.

Your new package pricing demonstrates that you know exactly what it takes to get the job done when you’ve added the right features and benefits for your clients.
2. The backend of your business runs seamlessly because you’ve created an streamlined system.

You have 3 (not 30!) package options that simplify your life and business. You
have more mental space and clarity because you run a lean business model with a backend system that maximizes your profits.

3. Your revenue has increased exponentially allowing you to finally create the business you’ve been dreaming of!

You’re landing BIG projects, you have a dream team that you can delegate to,
and you can work less hours with less clients because you’ve increased your

Join now and discover how the package pricing model in your business will change your life... and the lives of those you serve at the highest level.

Here's What's Possible
One Rockstar Organizer went Tesla speed in 3 months from 4.9K to 22.1K upon immediately implementing my package model.

Implementers get results!

Let's Do This Together
Organizers 2+ years in business work with Holly on the business side of things to explode their sales so they can build their dream team, stop working onsite as much, and find friendship with experienced organizers.
Holly is a 15-year organizing veteran who has done it all... from organizing for every niche from the working class to high profile clients, to teaching at universities and colleges, being featured on news and radio, running online challenges and memberships, hosting live events and retreats, and becoming certified as a coach, Director of Operations, and studying as a Dashboard specialist all with the heart of a teacher to help organizers with the backend of their business so they succeed more than they thought possible, in a quicker time than they imagine.

1. Two Hour On-Demand Course with Offer Creation Lesson

2. Examples of What to Include and Not Include in Your Packages

3. A Workbook with a Framework & Formula for Creating Your Packages AND a Google Spreadsheet for Tracking Fulfillment

Rockstar Results...

Before working with Holly, I was barely bringing in $2000-$4000 a month in sales. I knew there had to be a better way. I had always been intrigued with organizers who were selling packages. The concept didn't make sense at first and I was a little afraid to try it. 

Being part of the Rockstar community and with the help of Holly's teaching, my business has been totally transformed. I learned how to attract my ideal client and to sell packages with confidence. 

The first month that I sold packages, I doubled my income from the month before. The next month, when I joined the Rockstar community, I hit my first $10K+ month

I am so thankful for all the other organizers in the group. It is such an encouraging community with a wealth of knowledge to glean from. 

Excited to see what lies ahead for all of us in the future!

Melanie Seaver
Seaver Organizing, Nashville TN

My business was at a point where I was booked but not always with the clients and projects I loved. I’ve never been a businesswoman before and so all the back-end stuff has been new to me. It had been a figure it out as I go situation. 

When Holly presented the Dream Team challenge in March, I really began thinking like a businesswoman. That was the first time I realized I had to learn to sell. It NEVER occurred to me before then that I also had to have sales skills. 

Holly’s Dream Team Challenge spurred me to make specific changes right away that showed results within 2 weeks. I was immediately bought into her years of experience, methods, and precise action steps so I joined her Team Building Blueprint. 

The results speak for themselves. Six weeks prior to her Dream Team challenge and TBB, my gross profit was $6,100. Six weeks after her challenge and into the Team Building Blueprint my gross profit is $13,500. 

The group of supportive women in the community for both groups has been so helpful also! 

I found so much personal connection with others in a space that can feel lonely. 

Since the Dream Team challenge and TBB, I have grown personally, professionally, financially, and my business has grown to include more help with 2 new assistants. 

Thank you, Holly! You’ve been the missing piece that brought function to my business.

Lindsay Hatfield
Leave It To Me Organizing, San Antonio TX 

What else is possible?
Packages are a way to both systematize your scheduling and billing which you will thank yourself for later as you grow.

Other than those nitty gritty operations details, which you may not be concerned about right now, you just want to help people and get paid well for it... packages allow you to serve your clients at a high level and create raving fans who refer you without even being asked!

If you ever want to grow a team, or have someone do some of the work for you so that you don't have to be as hands-on, packages are a must.

They allow you to sell over the phone and set up multiple days of work in advance with a deposit in hand.

Setting them up can feel daunting.

You wonder if you are doing it right.

You wonder if you are actually making any money doing this.

Join us for an interactive afternoon workshop and walk away with your packages set up on your website - or at least in a document you can share or email with others ASAP!

It can feel intimidating at first and you wonder if you can really do this, so let me take you by the hand and walk you step-by-step.

Bonus: Q&A Recording with Lynda Grodd on selling large packages!
PLUS! You will get an exclusive recorded Q&A with my most successful student, Lynda, who has sold mega $25,000+ packages using realtors as her main connection point.

Two years ago, Lynda went from $1500 to $10K+ months within 60 days of implementing my pricing methods and now is able to serve clients in massive homes all over the Atlanta metro area.

She is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and there is nothing like hearing it STRAIGHT from the mouth of the one who has done the thing!
Let's Do This!

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