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Discover How To Create Your Profitable Home Organizing Business Team in Just 5 Days...

If you are on the brink of burnout, constantly hunting for aligned clients, and running your business with no support....
I've been in your shoes. 

Now, after 15 years building my business as a professional organizer, I've developed a proven strategy to help you break free from this cycle!  

I was faced with the necessity of hiring an assistant to finish a project when needing to leave town and that emergency turned into something amazing. 

Six months later, my income tripled... all while traveling the country, making a move 18 hours away, and managing a team from a distance! 

Ever wanted to do something like this but needed to talk things out with what to do, but don't know who to call?

You've got an assistant you can call on sometimes but don't feel great about throwing her to the wolves without you... yet?

Learn how to remove yourself from onsite work or get to the point where you can take a day (or three) off to get your hair done, rest your body, or even take a trip and know your clients are taken care of in your absence... 

Without working 40 hours a week alone burning out with client projects

Without prior experience managing a team or service business

Without even having to post on social media every day and getting a brain cramp for what to say online that will get people to buy...

This 5-day challenge provides step-by-step training with guided worksheets to walk away confidently with a home organizing business plan that is profitable and ready to hire your next amazing organizer.

The Dream Team Challenge is the proven step-by-step training for professional organizers who are ready to create a profitable model, scale their business with systems, and build an all-star team so they can make more money while working less.
Updated with brand new strategies for the current business landscape.

Are you a perfect fit?

Let me know if this sounds like you...

You are in the first five years of business + LOVE organizing...  but need help with the "business side of things"

Want to figure out how to generate more leads so that you have a consistent flow of clients (and finally put an end to the feast & famine cycle)

Want to feel confident about your website and marketing strategies

You're ready to land BIG jobs even though it feels a little intimidating

You are ready to raise your rates with a solid plan and strategy

Crave systems + processes to grow, removing yourself from (at least some) of the onsite work

You know you're ready to hire and manage a team so you can make more $$$ and work less

Feel ready to improve your sales skills, but feel weird asking for money sometimes...

Want to take home more money for all the hard work! (Preferably 5K/month or more)

 ✓  ✓  ✓  ✓ 

If you said YES to any of the above, this hands-on challenge is for you!

Imagine What's Possible For Your Business...

Lindsay took what she learned from the Dream Team Challenge, implemented it to the T, and in two months had completely exploded! 

She was even able to buy her daughter a horse!

It is actually pretty simple when it comes down to it...

✘  but many organizers believe they must discount their services to get bigger projects

✘  or spend time in bidding wars on Thumbtack to get more clients

✘  or post elaborate social media posts and stories every day to "stay relevant"  

Lindsay was doing a smidge of that stuff when she learned a better way.


Package pricing doesn't mean "more work for less money"...

even though that's what the others teach and say works...

✗  ✗  ✗  ✗  ✗ 


More discounts do NOT equal more money!

Megan took what she learned from the Dream Team Challenge and saw around 20% increase this year just by doing ONE thing she picked up from Challenge Day 3... 

Linda called a team meeting with her crew on Day 3 as well... and the rest is history. She joined our community, did the work, adjusted her mindset where needed, and grew leaps in bounds... both as a person and in her business.

Lynda stalked the "Holly in her car" videos (if you know you know)... heard some truths... implemented on her own... tried some things... then messaged to say "it works!" Now she has a team of 9+ organizers, just 3 years into business.

What if, like Megan + Linda + Lynda, you made one change and it added LOTS of income to your bottom line, even if you did nothing else?

Are you open to learning an easier way?

Wanna see how I took my income from $1500/month to over $5000/month in 2017... and then taught hundreds of other organizers to do the same?

I did this as an experiment - trying all the ways to sell home organizing services (shoulda seen my a la carte menu back in 2014! Reminds me of the guest table on Beauty & The Beast "Be Our Guest" scene! One of this and one of that and allllll the hors d'oeuvres!)

Come BE MY GUEST and join me for this FREE 

5-day challenge where we will create a strategy and system, and then show you how to sell it.

It doesn't need to be complicated...

YEP! It's true... 

It all comes down to these 3 things:

Having the Right Strategy... with your niche, pricing & visibility

Creating the Right Systems... with your backend office & onsite jobs

Knowing How to Make the Sale... without feeling weird and icky and sabotaging the money!

And you will learn how to implement all three when you join the 5-Day Dream Team Challenge!




"Before working with Holly, I was barely bringing in $2000-$4000 a month in sales. 

I knew there had to be a better way. 

I had always been intrigued with organizers who were selling packages. The concept didn't make sense at first and I was a little afraid to try it. 

Being part of the Rockstar community and with the help of Holly's teaching, my business has been totally transformed. I learned how to attract my ideal client and to sell packages with confidence. The first month that I sold packages, I doubled my income from the month before. 

The next month, when I joined the Rockstar community, I hit my first $10K+ month. I am so thankful for all the other organizers in the group. It is such an encouraging community with a wealth of knowledge to glean from. Excited to see what lies ahead for all of us in the future!"

Melanie S.
Seaver Organizing Company - Nashville, TN

Melanie is a perfect example of someone who shows up, does the work, asks good questions, supports others, and is committed to the process.

...Here's a little snippet of one other explosion that happened after the Dream Team Challenge!

"My business was at a point where I was booked but not always with the clients and projects I loved. 

I’ve never been a businesswoman before and so all the back-end stuff has been new to me. It had been a figure it out as I go situation. 

When Holly presented the Dream Team challenge in March, I really began thinking like a businesswoman. That was the first time I realized I had to learn to sell. It NEVER occurred to me before then that I also had to have sales skills. 

Holly’s Dream Team Challenge spurred me to make specific changes right away that showed results within 2 weeks. I was immediately bought into her years of experience, methods, and precise action steps.

 The results speak for themselves. 

Six weeks prior to her Dream Team challenge and TBB, my gross profit was $6,100. Six weeks after her challenge and into the Team Building Blueprint my gross profit is $13,500. The group of supportive women in the community for both groups has been so helpful also! 

I found so much personal connection with others in a space that can feel lonely. Since the Dream Team challenge and TBB, I have grown personally, professionally, financially, and my business has grown to include more help with 2 new assistants. 

 Thank you, Holly! You’ve been the missing piece that brought function to my business."

Lindsay H.
Leave it To Me Organizing - San Antonio, TX




Are You ready?
Here's how we do this in a 5-Day Sprint Challenge
Day 1: Get Crystal Clear On Your Vision And Dreams, and Identify The Fears And Roadblocks Holding You Back 
Day 2: Identify Your Niche And Learn How To Position Yourself As An Authority To Your Ideal Client
Day 3: Create Your Premium Packages With The Right Features & Benefits For Your Right Fit Client 
Day 4: Connect Authentically with the Right People to Make Easy Sales
Day 5: Implement Simple Strategies To Get In Front Of More Leads And Grow Your Customer Base
Here's How The Challenge Works:

 Starting on Monday, June 10th through Friday, June 14th from 11 am-12 pm ET, join us LIVE on Zoom and learn specific actions you can implement right away to grow your organizing business.

We will be diving into one specific topic per day: vision, niching, packages, sales, and visibility

By showing up LIVE and interacting + collaborating with us, you have chances to win prizes each day!

The event is completely free! For those who want more, there is an option to upgrade to VIP and participate in daily Laser Coaching and VIP only Q&A sessions... you'll be glad you did!

Ready to join us?? Register For FREE Here! 

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Get In The Hot Seat With Holly!

This is a ONE-TIME OFFER of only $17!  

You will not see it at this price again!

Your VIP Upgrade Includes:

  • Daily Q&A + Implementation Sessions - every day after the challenge live stream ends, join Holly on a private Zoom for a VIP-only session to get answers to all your questions! We also complete daily Dream Work in this time so you are not only LEARNING - you are DOING! ($500+ Value)

  • Laser Coaching- Holly is opening up daily laser coaching opportunities for VIPs only! ($1000+ Value)

  • 60 Day Access To The Challenge Replays - Watch and rewatch to glean the golden nuggets you might have missed the first time! ($297 Value)

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